Juan Rubalcava BS CS
Santa Clara University

2225 Luz Ave. San Jose, CA 95116
CELL: (209) 923-2980
HOME: (408) 729-3476

EMAIL: juan@yahualica.org
WEB ADDRESS: www.yahualica.org

To gain a position as a Web Site Developer/Administrator in a growing company

BS in Computer Science (Mathematics) Magna Cum Laude with a minor in Computer Engineering;
Santa Clara University; GPA: 3.7 out of 4.0.

WebMaster site: www.yahualica.org

Website maintainer and developer (Tools: javascript, PHP4, Perl, MySQL, HTML).
Main Projects:
Dynamic Web Site Automated Management System (Tools: Javascript, CSS, HTML, PHP and MYSQL)
On-line schedules generator (Tools: PHP and MYSQL).
On-line Database management System (Tools: PHP and MYSQL)
On-line school records project (Tools: Perl , MySQL)
On-line Survey System (Tools: Java Servlets, Microsoft Access, HTML)
Store Management Application (Tools: Java Swing, Java AWT , Microsoft Access).
Store Management Application (Tools: PL/SQL, SQL plus).
E-Commerce project (Tools: Java Servlets, Microsoft Access).
Automatic schedules generator (Tools: VB for office aplications, Microsoft Access).

Numerical Analysis, Linear Algebra, Advanced Calculus, Probability and Statistics,
Computer Graphics, Software Tools, Data Structures, Theory of Automata and Languages, Theory of Algorithms,
Logic Design, Real Time Systems, Operating Systems, Computer Software Engineering, Database Systems.

Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, and Power Point), Adobe Photoshop, Internet Explorer
Operating Systems: Windows(NT, 95, 98, 2000, me) and Unix.
Databases: SQL oracle 8i, MySQL, Microsoft Access, MSDE.
Programming Languages: Java, JDBC, Perl, C, C++, Visual C++, Open GL, Unix cshell, awk, PL/SQL, VB.Net
Web-Scripting and Markup Languages: Unix cshell, PHP, Perl, Java Servlets,
Java Servlets, Java Applets, Javascript, CSS, DHTML, HTML, and XML.
Modeling Languages:UML.

Strong understanding of OOP (Object Oriented Programming);
Able to work following strict guidelines and adhering to deadlines;
Good at working in multiples projects at the same time;
Excellent communication skills in both Spanish and English;
Experience in tutoring person to person;
Open to change;
Excellent organizational skills;
Good at working in group as well as individually;
Positive minded;
Goal oriented person;
Good at following manuals and work related instructions.